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Aging Life Care Member


Linda’s Story: A Bright Light in the Dark

“I knew she was always just a phone call away for sound advice and emotional support. Jill was truly a bright light to me during a dark time in my life and I am forever grateful.”

Myrnice’s Story: Truly Blessed

“There were so many benefits to having Jill Rosner support our family with the care of our mother. We feel truly blessed to have had her on our team. I could not ask for a better patient advocate than Jill Rosner. I would highly recommend her to any family seeking support in caring for a loved one.”

Eric’s Story: The Best Care Imaginable
“I could not have navigated my situation without the help of Ms. Rosner—she was an angel to my family. The sudden death of my father thrust me into a scenario with my mother in which I had no extended family help or support, no one I personally knew that could assist me, associated costs that appeared beyond our reach, and every day my mom lived alone with her dementia. A decision needed to be made quickly about her living condition. Rosner was a calming presence that understood my situation, made a recommendation, helped me start that process and now my mom is getting the best care imaginable.”

Julie’s Story: A Long-Distance Lifeline
“Jill helped me immensely as I tried to manage my father’s care from 500 miles away. Whether you are at a distance, or are not familiar with the issues involved in hospital care, Jill’s patient advocacy services can benefit you. Jill was instrumental in providing not only guidance by searching for rehab facilities, but also in addressing clinical questions I had about my father’s care.”

Cindy’s Story: The Best Decision for our Father
“My brother and I recently needed Jill’s expertise. Our parents are 89 years old and have been living along in their home out in the country. Mom has Alzheimer’s (level 6) and our father has severe spinal stenosis. Needless to say he was unable to provide the care she needed, but could not admit the time had come for outside help. Jill was the woman for the job. She guided our father to the best decision without destroying his dignity. Our parents are now living in a clean, safe environment surrounded by people who care. Thank you, Jill.”

Nicholas Kozauer, M.D.: A Doctor’s Perspective
“I have been continually impressed by Jill’s abilities. She has demonstrated a clear proficiency at dealing with quite challenging cases in a professional, thorough, and caring manner. What has impressed me most is her obvious dedication to her clients and families in making every effort to ensure their comfort, dignity, and safety.”
Dr. Nicholas Kozauer is the former Director of Neuropsychiatry at The Johns Hopkins Memory Clinic at Copper Ridge

Tony’s Story: Smart Strategies for Aging Parents
“Jill brings a top-notch mix of experience, training, and personal care and compassion to the services she provides. It’s very clear when you meet her that she cares deeply, enjoys the work she does, and has deep insights into strategies for helping the aging navigate the healthcare system, stay independent and healthy, and manage the costs and payments of healthcare. I really appreciate Jill’s responsiveness, her flexibility, and her willingness to travel to help my mom. I also think her fee schedule is entirely fair.”